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At Hadrian Park Primary School every child has the chance to access enriching experiences, through a variety of ways. We plan for our lessons and Extra-Curricular activities to be broad and enriching. In addition to this, we organised special events, visitors, off-curriculum days, and family events to enrich our pupils’ lives and challenge them to aspire to be people who leave a mark on the world. 


Enrichment not only helps them develop confidence and social skills from a young age, but enrichment programs are actually considered critical because the brain is developing so rapidly at this age. Research shows that learning art, music and other enrichment skills can help children excel in many ways.

The best learning incorporates physical learning – this involves handling, observing, thinking and actually doing, learning how to learn and having the opportunity to explore new ways to learn.


Music and Drama

We aim to deliver excellent musical provision from Nursery to Year 6. Regular music lessons, embedded music experiences in class and multiple extra-curricular opportunities mean that the children are able to access music in a variety of ways whilst at Hadrian Park. All children have the opportunity to join our school choirs. We have gained recognition for our excellence in our Arts provision and we are proud of our achievements.

Extra- curricular opportunities

We currently have over 15 different Extra-Curricular clubs and all of our clubs are often oversubscribed. We offer all children a wonderful opportunity to develop interests and skills. The school uses a range of external providers that bring expertise and specialism’s to our extra- curricular activities. Teacher and support staff also lead clubs each term which allows us to offer a range of clubs throughout the week.

Whole School Enrichment

Every term we organise a whole-school enrichment focus weeks. These are an exciting and motivating way for children to use a range of skills and work in new and exciting ways at school. During these weeks, we invite parents into classrooms to share our learning. 

Some of our most successful Enrichment weeks are:

Anti-Bullying week- What is bullying?

Poetry Week – ‘What I want to be?’

STEM Week- Building a bridge and connecting structures


Educational Visits and workshops

Hadrian Park we believe very strongly that educational visits enhance interest, enthusiasm and achievement for all children. We endeavour to ensure that all pupils from Nursery age up to Year 6 have the opportunity to make termly visits to the surrounding community and beyond. We take advantage of our prime position in Wallsend and the surrounding areas. All visits link closely to the topic based approach to learning that we promote at Hadrian Park. For example children have visited The Great North Museum as part of the history focus on Ancient Egypt. Children studying Pirates took part in the ‘Pirate Day’ at The Rising Sun.


We have a wide variety of enrichment activities including visits to:

  • Robinwood
  • High Borrans
  • France or Spain
  • London, Edinburgh or other major UK cities
  • Dance Festivals
  • Sporting festivals/tournaments (we have a very impressive trophy cabinet)
  • Skiing Italy
  • The Local surrounding areas
  • Dukeswood
  • Germany (Erasmus)


North Tyneside Music hub

Is your child interested in developing their musical skills? Take a look at these free opportunities.

North Tyneside Music hub offers a wide range of musical activities for young musicians of all ages and standards. The groups meet weekly in term-time and all opportunities are completely  free of charge. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced musician, get involved! They rehearse in the Langdale Centre on Saturday mornings during term time. Choirs, musical theatre and our online musical theory groups meet after school during the week.

They also offer regular orchestral workshops, play days and the opportunity to take part in termly performance opportunities, including the annual gala concert for regional music hubs at Sage Gateshead. Please click the link below if you are interested.

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