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Triple P

Triple P is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioural and emotional problems in children. It aims to prevent further problems within the family, school and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realise their potential.


What is Triple P?

A broad-based parenting intervention delivered over eight weeks for parents of children up to 12 years.  The program involves five (2 hour) group sessions of up to 12 parents.  Parents actively participate in a range of exercises to learn about the causes of child behaviour problems, setting specific goals, and using strategies to promote child development, manage misbehaviour, and plan for high-risk situations.  Then there are three (15 to 30) individual (telephone) consultations to assist parents with independent problem solving while they are practising the skills at home. 


What is covered in sessions with parents?

Session 1-Positive Parenting

This session provides parents with an introduction to positive parenting, why children behave as they do, and how to set goals for change. Parents submit a completed assessment booklet at the beginning of this session.

Session 2- Helping children develop

During this session, the practitioner discusses how to develop good relationships with children, how to encourage good behaviour, and the four strategies for how parents can teach heir children new skills and behaviours.

Session 3- Managing misbehaviour

During this session, the practitioner offers additional strategies to assist parents with managing misbehaviour during this session.  Parents will also learn to develop parenting routines to promote compliance and manage non-compliance from their children.  They have an opportunity to rehearse these routines during the session. 

Session 4: Planning ahead

This session covers family survival tips, identify high risk situations that till cause concern, and how to develop planning ahead routines to promote good child in high risk situations (e.g. shopping learning how to take turns, fighting with siblings, getting ready for school). Parents also prepare for their individual consultations during this session. 

Session 5-7: Using positive parenting strategies 1-3

The practitioner provides feedback from initial assessments that the family completed and then uses the self-regulatory feedback model to help parents review their implementation of planning ahead routines for their high-risk situations.  From this, parents set goals for further refinement of their routines, if needed. 

Session 8: Program close

Parents return for a final group session to review progress, look at ways to maintain changes and plan for the gusture, and to close the program.  If necessary, referral options are discussed. 


We have successfully passed the Triple P accreditation and have a member of our staff trained to deliver this programme, Mrs E Corbridge (HLTA). 

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