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‘Geography is about understanding the complexity of our world and appreciating the diversity of cultures’

Barack Obama

Geography at Hadrian Park Primary School

Geography is a valued part of the curriculum at Hadrian Park. We believe that Geography, both in and out of the classroom, creates a deep understanding of the world and cultures around our children.  Fieldwork is at the centre of child development, utilising skills like collecting and analysing data as well as a heavy focus on reading and interpreting maps. These skills are vital outside of the classroom where we offer a vast ray of Geographical related trip opportunities. These include High Borrans in Year 5 and Year 6 where children are given key independence in the development of orienteering and map work. We also utilise the local area, conducting fieldwork studies in The Rising Sun Country Park.

Apart from fieldwork, Geography at Hadrian Park Primary is broken down into locational knowledge, place knowledge, Geographical skills as well as human and Physical Geography. We believe a deep understanding of these topics gives our children a true footing when they explore the real world, meeting those around them. By using our children’s experiences within their own lives, and surroundings, to compare with places and cultures on different parts of the planet, we feel that we can truly begin to open the eyes of our children to a world of possibility.


Alongside this, our school sets the objectives of incorporating a variety of subjects in the planning and delivery of Geography in order to:

  • Improve pupils' skills in literacy, numeracy and computing.
  • Develop pupils' thinking skills.
  • Promote pupils' awareness and understanding of gender, cultural, spiritual and moral issues.
  • Develop pupils as active citizens and their personal roles in society.


The aims of our school through the teaching of Geography

  • Stimulate pupils' enthusiasm for, and curiosity about their surroundings and the wider world.
  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of the different communities and cultures within HPPS, Newcastle, Britain and the world - and how these relate to each other.
  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of the changing world.
  • Encourage pupils to ask questions and propose solutions to environmental problems within HPPS and the wider world.
  • Develop pupils' competence in specific geographical skills (such as use of maps, secondary sources, ICT, aerial photographs, data logging equipment and considering evidence from a range of sources).
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and respect for our school grounds.
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