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Packed Lunch

HPPS Packed Lunch Guidance


Packed Lunch Guidance

As a Healthy School we encourage good eating habits for our children and provide guidance to support children making healthy choices. A healthy lunch gives children the energy they need to work and play for the rest of the day.

Practical tips for a healthy packed lunch:

  •  Involve your child in choosing and preparing their packed lunch.
  •  One child’s portion size of fruit or vegetables is roughly the amount they can hold in their hand.
  •  Swap to wholegrain bread, or use one slice of white and one of brown.
  • Try to vary the fillings of sandwiches.
  • Using a different type of bread can make lunches more interesting.
  •  Try an alternative to sandwiches - make rice, pasta or cous cous. Or use rice cakes, crackers or bagels.

Please note:

  •  Some of our children require special diets so therefore children should not swap food at lunchtime.
  •  Children are only allowed to bring one item containing chocolate (excluding Nutella sandwiches).
  •  Small chocolate biscuit, e.g. Penguin, small cupcake or muffin. Full size confectionary or chocolate bars are not permitted.
  • Children can have water or still juice in their packed lunch. No fizzy drinks or energy drinks!
  • We are not able to keep packed lunches in refrigerated conditions.


If your child forgets to bring a packed lunch we will endeavour to contact you.  If we are unable to do so we will provide a school lunch and ask you to reimburse us later. 


If your child is on school lunches and would like a packed lunch from the kitchen, this is on offer. 


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