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Be BOLD, Be BRAVE & Be BRILLIANT - EYFS at Hadrian Park 

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ Benjamin Franklin 


The early stages of a child’s development is precious, therefore our Foundation Stage is vital at building the foundations for long term well-being and life-long learning. We work to embed a love, passion and excitement for all! 


At Hadrian Park we believe that children learn best, and develop a wide relevant vocabulary, through practical, hands-on experiences and through interactions with others. Having high aspirations, promotes the best outcomes for children- learning occurs where there is a balance of child-initiated exploration, activities scaffolded by adults and through focused teaching. Adults guide learning through rich and meaningful activities and by talking with, and working alongside, children.  


In the Early Years we provide an exciting, stimulating and caring environment where children’s interests are used to enhance learning opportunities. Opportunities to explore and experiment, enable children to consolidate and extend skills and concepts and to deepen their understanding. We believe that confident, resilient children can succeed and thrive, whatever challenges they may face. We work to support children to build positive learning behaviours, focusing on independence, autonomy and problem solving.  We celebrate the uniqueness of our children and support them to thrive in confidence and flourish in individuality.  We encourage children to build positive relationships with each other and with the adults in school, to develop new language through talking, singing and storytelling and to explore and engage in new experiences, where they are able to practise new skills with independence.


We are extremely proud of our custom-built curriculum, which has been created to support the exact requirements of our Hadrian Park Primary School community.  Every subject area of the EYFS curriculum is meticulously planned and carefully sequenced. 


Inclusion and equal opportunities 

All children can and will succeed in our Early years setting.  Our curriculum is fully inclusive and supports ranging needs and cultural diversity. We adapt the curriculum content and resource appropriately, to enable all children to make progress appropriate to their starting points and needs.  

HPPS WISER- Curriculum model

We use the 'HPPS WISER' model to underpin our tailored Early Years curriculum with an emphasis on:

Words, Interactions, Stories, Environment and Rhymes and songs. 


  • Words - teaching children to use a highly ambitious vocabulary.
  • Interactions -  high quality interactions between the staff and children in the setting.
  • Stories - driving our curriculum through stories and encouraging a love of books in all our children.
  • Environment provides an enabling environment through the use of open ended resources to promote curiosity and exploration.
  • Rhymes and Songs - active engagement with music can impact the way that the brain processes information, enhancing the perception of language and speech.


We have a skills based curriculum where we teach the children the basic skills they need to become successful, giving them the foundations for their educational future. 

We enhance this by providing children with knowledge of the world around them through providing them with a wealth experiences, books and investigation. 

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