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Climate Change

Climate Change at Hadrian Park Primary School


At Hadrian Park Primary School, we aim to make pupils aware of the Climate Crisis and inspire them to make a difference in the future.


We are striving to achieve our aim in a number of different ways: 

North Tyneside Learning Trust (NTLT) Climate Strategy - a whole school and targeted pupil approach to climate change, which aims to help pupils develop a deeper understanding about climate change, the causes and effects.


WWF’s #PromiseToThePLanet – a whole school approach to raising awareness about what pupils can do to negate the negative impacts of climate change.


Eco-School’s Green Flag Award – an award celebrating a school’s actions to reduce climate change. Currently in the process of applying for the accreditation.


Tree Planting – pupils and staff have planted trees on site to promote and raise awareness about the negative impacts of deforestation. We were also very fortunate to be part of the Newcastle United Foundation's tree planting ceremony in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II. 


Imagine if conference at the BALTIC – a targeted pupil approach to raise awareness and inspire children to share their views on climate change.


Recycling bins – a whole school approach to tackling our paper wastage. All classrooms have and staff areas have a recycling area.


STEM Fest Net Zero – Year 5 participated in a range of climate change workshops at St James Park.  We were the only school to travel there in a sustainable method of transport (cycling).


BALTIC trip – a trip for pupils to take part in a climate change protest as well as developing their art skills.


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