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Here at Hadrian Park we do all we can to promote healthy lifestyles and our latest initiative is to encourage staff and children to consider cycling to school and promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Cycling has many great health benefits, saves money and is sustainable- why not give it a try?


“The benefits of cycling run much deeper than balance sheets or carbon footprints. It’s a crucial Life skill, giving children an early road sense as they take their first steps towards independence.   As well as offering easy, exhilarating exercise, it also helps young people develop what psychologists call resilience- the crucial ability to assess and navigate through risk.”

Over the last year we have sought to establish cycling as a recreational activity at the heart of both the school and local community, so that our pupils and their families can make use of the fantastic cycling opportunity that are available to them in terms of the local cycle paths and wagon ways nearby our school.


We have partnered up with Bike4health to create a cycling programme to engage our children in outdoor activity which delivers many positive learning outcomes.  Together we recognise the benefits of learning outdoors, not only in supporting curriculum learning but also in many personal development areas such as:



Leading and supporting

Challenge and Risk

Personal Resilience


Self confidence

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Learning a New skill

Awareness of Our Environment


Our cycling programmes address obesity and challenge the sedentary lifestyles that many children learn.  By doing so, we support personal development, but also improve overall physical and mental welbeing.

Our visions is to ditch conventional ways of travel e.g. teachers cars and coaches, not only do these have a damaging effect on our environment but also a significant dent in our budget. Therefore, in order to protect our environment and provide a sustainable way of travel we are planning to utilise cycling to travel to and from school, trips and school visits.

We have organised a unique training opportunity for our whole staff team to participate in a ‘British Cycling training level 1’ opportunity. Once our training is complete we can begin to put our vision and dreams into action.


In order to help build our pupils confidence ad resilience we offer 3 x bicycles clubs every week 1 x Key Stage 1 ages 6-7, 1 x Lower Key Stage 2 ages 8-9 and 1 x Upper Key Stage 2 aged 10-11 alongside this we currently hire Bike4Health to come into school and lead bicycle and route training for a whole afternoon.  We will provide this to all classes over the next couple of years.

Over the last year we have had 2 x bike tracks installed ( 1x accessible for all and 1 x pump track) which we have utilise during our cycle clubs and also for pupils to play on during break and lunch times.

We have also purchased 80 bikes now and a container to house them.  We have a maintenance agreement with Bike4Health for both the upkeep of our cycle tracks and bikes within the future we will be planning cycle rides to various locations:

  • N.T

  • Northumberland

  • Sandstone Way

  • Coast to Coast

  • Amsterdam

  • Italy


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