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Centurion Multi-Academy Trust

On 1st January 2024, Hadrian Park Primary School converted to an Academy and joined Centurion Multi Academy Trust. 


Centurion Multi-Academy Trust is a newly formed trust that opened on the 1st January 2024. It is made up of four founding member schools that are located within the borough of North Tyneside. Centurion Multi-Academy Trust aims to realise the vision of these founder schools to build a shared  learning community in support of the educational potential and life chances of nearly 1600 pupils.


Centurion Multi-Academy Trust will support the development of these schools and continue the informal collaboration the schools have had over the past 10 years.


Centurion Multi-Academy Trust will bring opportunities for schools to work more closely to utilise significant  school improvement expertise and to formalise and strengthen our partnerships for the benefits of pupils.


For more information, please visit Centurion's website:

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