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Throughout the year we hold many celebrations where music plays a major part. Additionally we participate in many music festivals organised throughout North Tyneside. The school has worked with major Arts agencies from the North Tyneside Music Hub, Arts Council, Culture Bridge North East and BBC Ten Pieces.

We are keen to offer a balance of musical activities and are lucky to have welcomed music consultants into school to work on special projects and develop wider opportunities such as Angels of the North Concert and Ten Pieces projects.


At Christmas our choir performs annually at our Christmas fair and visits the local residential care home to sing carols and additionally are regular residents at the “Spring Sing “ at Whitley Bay Playhouse.

Our involvement with other local primary schools means that we have developed a pupil Arts Council which will allow pupils to develop the areas of music they are interested in. This has also allowed us to perform collaboratively and develop a sense of teamwork in joint performances.


At Hadrian Park Primary we are well resourced with a range of instruments in addition to strong working links with the local authority Music Hub.


Our pupils are enthusiastic all areas of the music curriculum and this is something we actively encourage at Hadrian Park Primary. We teach a range of instrumental techniques in key stage 2 from ukuleles, recorders and keyboards. In Key Stage 1 we focus on the use of untuned instrumentals and chime bars.




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