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Literacy has a pre-eminent place in education and in society. At Hadrian Park high-quality education in Literacy is provided which will teach pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them. Through reading in particular, pupils will have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Literature, especially,will play a key role in such development. Reading will also enable pupils both to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know.



‘We shouldn’t teach great books we should teach a great love of reading’

Children are taught through Guided Reading and reading lessons to decode words and recognise high frequency words. They also discuss, ask and answer questions in order to develop comprehension skills. We have recently invested in a new reading scheme called Bug Club which has engaging books at all levels and a website where children can access eBooks to practise their reading skills. We also use Oxford Reading Tree books. All classes also have class picture books, novels and information books which support the topic work and allow children to explore texts in a cross curricular way. We encourage parents to help their child practise reading at home by sharing a variety of texts. E.g. books, comics, magazines menus, instructions.



Accelerated Reader

This year we are taking part in a trial adopting the Accelerated Reader Program as part our continuous development in supporting.  This year trial will be in Years 2, 5 and 6 with the aim in the future to rule it out across the whole school. This program will develop children’s oral Literacy and encourage, nurture a love of reading that will continue into adulthood.   What is Accelerated Reader? AR is a program used to motivate children to increase their reading & vocabulary comprehension and guide them to greater independent reading. AR is the world’s most popular reading program; used in nearly 60,000 schools. There is a prove link between strong reading skills and academic success! How does AR work?

1. Each child is ‘quizzed’ in school and assigned a reading range and point goal.

2. Children then choose an AR book from the school AR library based on their interest and reading level. This book will be sent home every night and brought back into school every day (Your child could have 2 reading books at any time as they will still have the schools home school reading books to read).

3. When they finish their book, the child takes an AR test in school to assess their comprehension based upon the understanding of what they have read.

4. The child earns points for mastering the materials on the test. They earn full points by answering all test style questions correctly.



Children are taught phonics in a systematic way following the RWI and Letters and Sounds programme. Through structured, fun activities they learn to recognise letter sounds and then use the sounds in words, to read and write independently.  The children write every day, rehearsing out loud what they want to say, before spelling the words using the graphemes and ‘tricky’ words they know.


They practise handwriting every day: sitting at a table comfortably, they learn correct letter formation and how to join letters speedily and legibly. Children’s composition (ideas, vocabulary and grammar) is developed by drawing on their own experiences and talking about the stories they read.


Spelling- RWI

At Hadrian Park, we use RWI Spelling which is an interactive programme which teaches spellings in a fun and engaging way.  In Key Stage 1, the children

begin their learning of spellings through our Letters & Sounds/ Read Write Inc phonics program and then move on to exploring a range of spelling rules and strategies. In Key Stage 2,  the children follow the Read, Write Inc. spelling program which consists of regular, pacey spelling activities centred on a key spelling rule or strategy.


Talk for Writing

At Hadrian Park, we use talk for writing to stimulate and ignite the children's imagination in English.  It focuses on children learning the language structures of key text types through rehearsing example texts verbally, whilst also using actions and games, until the text becomes internalised. It appears to then allow children to gain confidence and write pieces of writing which engage the reader and are appropriate to the text type. In other words, children are able to focus on the fun, creative and descriptive parts of their writing without having to worry about the basic structure, as this has already been internalised. Have a look at the pictures below which show the new approach to the writing process.


The Key Core Values:

  • Passion for purpose

  • Integrity

  • Openness, kindness and consideration

  • Learning from each other and sharing good practice

  • Providing real value for money

  • Respecting teachers’ professionalism

  • Accrediting other people



Picture 1 Miss J Martin- Literacy Subject Lead
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